Many Fairfield County residents have their minds set on  building their own home on their new acquired land parcel.  It’s an excellent vision to have and purchasing your own lot can come with many advantages such as choosing the the best location, the parameters of your lot, and much more! However, locating land and having it prepared to build can appear to be a daunting task anyone that is not accustomed with the process. Innovative Custom Home Builders in Southport, CT can offer some helpful information that will assist you completely understands all of the facets that go into building your dream home.

Purchasing Land for Your New Home Construction in Fairfield County, CT

Buying land to construct a house is more complex than you may think. For many, having a home designed and constructed to their specifications is the culmination of many years of studying house plan publications and perusing neighborhoods taking a look at existing houses for design inspiration.  We have included 5 basic steps you should follow as you begin your quest for purchasing land for your new home construction.

  • Find Land For Sale
  • Vet The Property: Are There Utility Hookups? How is it Zoned?
  • What Level of Preparation Will The Lot Require?
  • How Much Time Do You Have?
  • Prepare To Build: Hire The Best Custom Home Builder. Get The Permits. Clear the Land.

New construction investment homes remain popular choice for home buyers in Connecticut. The better you are at selecting property and and hiring the best custom home building contractor, the more success you will have. Innovative Custom Home Builders has been designing and building homes across Fairfield County for decades. To learn about how we can help you with you new home construction or remodeling Fairfield project, contact us today at (203) 768-7262 to schedule a quick no-cost quote!